Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The reasons for traffic mess in delhi

Delhi has become a parking and traffic mess thanks to the mixed use policy implemented in Delhi as per master plan 2021. The idea was good but because of poor implementation and rampant corruption, it ended up making delhi a mess...


Mixed Use:
● To meet the growing demand of commercial activities and overcome the shortfall
of available commercial space, a liberalized provision of Mixed Use in residential
areas has been adopted adhering to the requisites of the environment, while
achieving better synergy between workplace, residence and transportation.
● 2183 streets have been notified by the GNCTD vide notification dated 15.09.06 for
local commercial and mixed-use activities.
● Small shops of daily needs have been permitted on ground floor, in residential areas.


1. All kinds of shops have been opened in the garb of mixed use.
2. MCD collected parking charges from the new shops, but provided no extra infrastructure for the same.

While only small shops of certain category were to be opened, all types of shops and and of all sizes have come up. refer -

15.6.3 1[Small shops of maximum 20 sqm area each, restricted to maximum permissible
number of DUs in the plot or four numbers, whichever is less, trading in or dealing
with the following specified 24 items / activities are allowed on ground floor only
in residental plot, excluding A & B category of colonies. However, small shops of
maximum 20 sqm area each, restricted to maximum permissible number of dwelling
units in the plot or four in number, whichever is less, trading in or dealing with
specified items / activities existing as on 7.2.2007 may continue on ground floor only
in a residential plot in A & B category of colonies but in future only one small shop
of 20 sqm area shall be allowed on ground floor in a residential plot in A & B
category of colonies.]
i) Vegetables / fruits / flowers
ii) Bakery items / Confectionary items;
iii) Kirana / General store;
iv) Dairy product;
v) Stationery / Books / Gifts / Book binding;
vi) Photostat / Fax / STD / PCO;
vii) Cyber café / Call phone booths;
viii) LPG booking office / Showroom without LPG cylinders;
ix) Atta Chakki;
x) Meat / Poultry and Fish shop;
xi) Pan shop;
xii) Barber shop / Hair dressing saloon / Beauty parlour;
xiii) Laundry / Dry cleaning / ironing;
xiv) Sweet shop / Tea stall without sitting arrangement;
xv) Chemist shop / Clinic / Dispensary / Pathology lab;
xvi) Optical shop;
1. Modified vide S.O. 2034(E) dated 12-08-2008
xvii) Tailoring shop;
xviii) Electrical / Electronic repair shop; and
xix) Photo studio;
xx) Cable TV / DTH Operation;
xxi) Hosiery / Readymade Garments / Cloth shop;
xxii) ATM
xxiii) Cycle Repair Shop
xxiv) Ration shop & Kerosene Shop under PDS.


To make the condition worse, the police is happy to take some money from these shops and ignore those parking on the roads in front of these shops.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Builder Apartment physical possession checklist

Following things should be checked at the possession time before taking physical possession from the builder.

  1. Cracked and damaged floor/Wall tiles
  2. Loose tiles - take a wooden mallet to check suspected loose tiles. Such tiles break easily afterwords.
  3. Open all taps and check water flow.
  4. Toilet flush.
  5. Any crack or damage to toilet ceramics.
  6. All switchboards should be tight. Sometimes they are just put in place using P.O.P.
  7. All Locks, door stoppers.
  8. Take 3 keys for all doors.
  9. Door hinges should be neat and have enough of screws.
  10. Paint should not be cracked/chipped.
  11. Spilled paint on floor/tiles should be cleaned.
  12. Paint on the balcony grills.
  13. Check the underside of the washbasins for any damage and if the wall caps are in place. Any cleaning that may be required.
  14. Check the MCB Box. Try switching the MCB on and off.
  15. The gapping around the doors. 
  16. Check main electricity meter reading.
  17. Check common area damage and repair.
  18. Firefighting equipment.
  19. Check kitchen slab for cracks/damage.
  20. If there are slidings, check for smoothness in operation.
  21. Check your parking space. 
  22.  Damaged/chipped glass in window panes/ slidings

Thursday, March 06, 2014

How to deal with road accidents

In my 15+ yrs of driving, have had the bad luck of being in many accidents. Mostly at receiving ends, however always I was thankful to god of getting away without any injury.

Here is my learnings from my recent accident with a biker -

1. If biker aint the risk of dying and you can get away, please do. Police will harass you crazy.
2. If you are stuck, Take the person to some cheap hospital to reduce liability.
3. Before you pay anything have the biker sign an agreement to no further liability.
4. If its a serious accident, and damage is high, have police file an FIR, and inform your insurance company about it.

Recently when going to my office in Gurgaon, on a rainy morning, my nano had an accident with a biker. I was going straight on the road, he wanted to take a left, and from what i understand, we both did not see each other. He collided with the front right, above the tyre fender. Fortunately both were slow, so no major injuries to biker.

Immediately picked the person, parked his bike in an apartment closeby, collected his stuff, and took him to closest best hospital - Max. Called his family.

My harassment started when the police arrived. Police was called by the hospital as it was an MLC. The liability is always of the car driver. The police first took my car keys and threatened my car will be impounded. Then  he taught the biker that I am liable to pay all his expenses. Now Biker was no more thankful that i got him medical attention, and now viewed me a a criminal..

I thought fine, let me pay the 8k medical bill and then we can call it OK and finish the matter. But NO, police said, there is no agreement, and now i should pay all his bike damages and other costs also. Else there will be FIR and all legal trouble.. So police now wanted more 12k from me.. Got the police guy to talk to some of my contacts, and with great difficulty he took 6k from me and let me go home.

I am still confused what did i do wrong morally. But yes, i thought it fit to share my learnings, for all readers.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Onion and sugar economics

Since last few years I have noticed a rapid upward movement in the price of either onion or sugar. Though there is no sudden fall in production or quick increase in demand, still a shortage is created and the prices increased.

As almost every person uses these  2 things, one can and should image what does a 10Rs per KG artifical increase translates in monetary terms. Supply of these 2 items are controlled by a major politician of congress party, and yet congress seems to be unaware about the issue, and does not know what to do about it.. Even the import of these 2 items is tightly controlled so that it can be insured that people can be fleeced easily.

I just don't want congress winning this time, there is rapid increase in prices, but salary is stuck,,and so is me...

Friday, July 19, 2013

I love tata nano for city

I love tata nano for its practicality in design for the city driving. I have been recommending it to many people and here are the pros and cons -


  1. I have driven it till 100 Km/hr comfortably.
  2. The turning radius is amazing. Almost like a motor bike. So makes it very easy to manoeuvre in city jams and sharp turns.
  3. Decent pickup for 2 people and a small car.
  4. Enough room in front passenger seat to sit comfortably cross legged.
  5. Good A/C when there are two or 1 people are sitting.
  6. Cheap maintenance - All parts are cheap.
  7. Excellent ground clearance - Goes excellently over bad roads and big speed breakers, without scraping bottom.

  1. Noise - The cabin is noisy with the rear mounted engine.
  2. Brakes - Having all drum brakes, make the braking a little sluggish.
  3. A/C -in 40+ temperature and with 2+ people it becomes completely ineffective.
  4. No left rear view mirror - Added in recent model.
  5. Bad average - I get an average of barely 14, even on my best driving. But this has probably improved with the latest models

The flower thieves

I have seen many people plucking flowers from the other peoples garden or from public gardens. On confronting these people, the general answer is that they are plucking the flowers for God/Puja.

  1. Does god want us to pluck flowers?
  2. Does god teach us to steal flowers from public or other peoples gardens?
How religion has made people twisted and dumb, this is a classic example of that. How people are lazy and looking for short cuts even in prayers, is totally appalling.