Saturday, May 05, 2007

You and your car

This is my opinion and nothing personal..pppl plz dont get emotional incase something u dont like..

I feel that your car, tells about the personality of the individual. Here is my take-
  • Alto/maruti 800- They want a 4 wheeler and can barely afford one.
  • santro/zen/wagon r- Want a decent 4 wheeler in the small car segment. One to go to office and come back.
  • Swift and premium hatchbacks- Those who want a small car but like to flaunt. Who want more power but not yet ready to go in for more powerful and expensive 3 box cars.
  • Fiat palio/petra- Car lovers taken in by the fabulous price and the driving pleasure.
  • Indica- price conscious, want everything. Good/decent people.
  • Esteem- Those who want a 3 box car and high resale value. Do not find driving to be a pleasurable experience, Its just something that has to be done.
  • Ford ikon flair 1.3- dumb people taken in by low price but did not realize the high maintenance.
  • Ford ikon nxt 1.6- Taken in by america, the performance of the car maybe..These people must have some american be buying this car..
  • Chevy/opel- Taken in by dealer discounts and maybe low buying price. Or these are the people who wanted to own these brands since long..
There are many more,,wait for more..


~ | | OM | | ~ said...


Maruti is for people who want to spend the least time in research....

Fiat is for people who research, take a risk, use the head and follow the heart :)

Rajiv said...

Haa haa haa, nice to see your comment on Indica....What is your opinion about owners of safari or scorpio... hee hee hee..... and How about owners of corporate jet

Ankur said...

@Rajiv- corporate jets are out of reach for my opinion/views., atleast for now...