Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wet and Happy

Wet and Happy
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Rains in these hot summer days feels so nice. Its said the picture says a 1000 am not adding to that ...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Docs and Money

Recently went to pediatric surgeon in one of the best hospitals of Delhi and the surgeon is one of the best in India....and he felt to me so cheap unprofessional. Did not even see the reports completely and was trying very hard to convince me one way or another to get the baby operated on....

It seems money is never enough and in a noble profession like doctor they have no ethics left. Every doc wants to operate on the smallest baby to become more experienced and add some experience.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

You and your car -2

This is in continuation for You and your car-
  • Safari- Those who want to own an SUV with a panache for style. Do not want to really go for proper high end SUV. ust an SUV which has some style and can handle Indian roads. These are people whom i may be friends with.
  • Scorpio- People who want an economical, decent SUV with decent performance and they don't want to own innova/tavera which have the taxi image. These are people with whom friendship can be done with care.
  • Innova/tavera- These are analyst people, or those who understand that indian car will have Indian troubles, so better go in for international SUV with decent price and performance. Somehow i feel these are the people with whom i wont just click,,,not my type, but i may like them for Analyst mind and understanding of the cars.
  • Accent- Good price etc, average people, who are smart enough to understand that esteem is outdated and buy the 3 box car made for Indian people with good price.
  • Accent viva- those who like style and willing to pay the premium also. I feel these are the people who can appreciate the finer things in life.
  • Skoda- New rich people.
  • Corolla - Rich and people who dont want to take any risk...
  • Camry/Merc- Old rich people. They are like with whom money flows in generations.
  • Cars above 18-20 lacks- outside my comment area.

Clicking Delhi

Today joined the Delhi flickering group on flickr and then realized that i really have not clicked Delhi at all. I need to explore Delhi more, and maybe that time will also come when i take Neitya around Delhi to make her aware about the long history of Delhi.

I click Delhi on and off from my mobile but am just to lazy to move them to my comp, and also don't like the 1 MP pics taken by my mobile...When u get used to better pics, u cant go back..

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Friday, May 11, 2007

PVR cinemas website has become pathetically slow as of late. I had almost stopped watching movies on theaters since some time, but since now my baby is slightly older I am reviving my old hobby..

Trying to book a ticket for metro for almost 2 hrs now with no success....These guys charge so much, and in addition 10 rs as convenience charge,,,and even then the site is so slow and buggy....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Thats the eating joint/pub i recently went at PVR Anupam , saket. Food, drinks and service all is nice. The range of drinks was good and vast. The place is little expensive though with drinks for rs 250 onwards and food also in that range.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bheja fry

Saw Bheja fry today. Some wonderful and refreshing jokes. There is an old saying a stupid friend is dangerous than a wise enemy.. This movie reinforces that. This is also the irony i have at work now a days where one partner manager is pretty dumb..

Movie also shows that you tend to value things more once they are gone. A serious message in a comic movie..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

You and your car

This is my opinion and nothing personal..pppl plz dont get emotional incase something u dont like..

I feel that your car, tells about the personality of the individual. Here is my take-
  • Alto/maruti 800- They want a 4 wheeler and can barely afford one.
  • santro/zen/wagon r- Want a decent 4 wheeler in the small car segment. One to go to office and come back.
  • Swift and premium hatchbacks- Those who want a small car but like to flaunt. Who want more power but not yet ready to go in for more powerful and expensive 3 box cars.
  • Fiat palio/petra- Car lovers taken in by the fabulous price and the driving pleasure.
  • Indica- price conscious, want everything. Good/decent people.
  • Esteem- Those who want a 3 box car and high resale value. Do not find driving to be a pleasurable experience, Its just something that has to be done.
  • Ford ikon flair 1.3- dumb people taken in by low price but did not realize the high maintenance.
  • Ford ikon nxt 1.6- Taken in by america, the performance of the car maybe..These people must have some american be buying this car..
  • Chevy/opel- Taken in by dealer discounts and maybe low buying price. Or these are the people who wanted to own these brands since long..
There are many more,,wait for more..