Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Builder Apartment physical possession checklist

Following things should be checked at the possession time before taking physical possession from the builder.

  1. Cracked and damaged floor/Wall tiles
  2. Loose tiles - take a wooden mallet to check suspected loose tiles. Such tiles break easily afterwords.
  3. Open all taps and check water flow.
  4. Toilet flush.
  5. Any crack or damage to toilet ceramics.
  6. All switchboards should be tight. Sometimes they are just put in place using P.O.P.
  7. All Locks, door stoppers.
  8. Take 3 keys for all doors.
  9. Door hinges should be neat and have enough of screws.
  10. Paint should not be cracked/chipped.
  11. Spilled paint on floor/tiles should be cleaned.
  12. Paint on the balcony grills.
  13. Check the underside of the washbasins for any damage and if the wall caps are in place. Any cleaning that may be required.
  14. Check the MCB Box. Try switching the MCB on and off.
  15. The gapping around the doors. 
  16. Check main electricity meter reading.
  17. Check common area damage and repair.
  18. Firefighting equipment.
  19. Check kitchen slab for cracks/damage.
  20. If there are slidings, check for smoothness in operation.
  21. Check your parking space. 
  22.  Damaged/chipped glass in window panes/ slidings

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