Friday, July 19, 2013

I love tata nano for city

I love tata nano for its practicality in design for the city driving. I have been recommending it to many people and here are the pros and cons -


  1. I have driven it till 100 Km/hr comfortably.
  2. The turning radius is amazing. Almost like a motor bike. So makes it very easy to manoeuvre in city jams and sharp turns.
  3. Decent pickup for 2 people and a small car.
  4. Enough room in front passenger seat to sit comfortably cross legged.
  5. Good A/C when there are two or 1 people are sitting.
  6. Cheap maintenance - All parts are cheap.
  7. Excellent ground clearance - Goes excellently over bad roads and big speed breakers, without scraping bottom.

  1. Noise - The cabin is noisy with the rear mounted engine.
  2. Brakes - Having all drum brakes, make the braking a little sluggish.
  3. A/C -in 40+ temperature and with 2+ people it becomes completely ineffective.
  4. No left rear view mirror - Added in recent model.
  5. Bad average - I get an average of barely 14, even on my best driving. But this has probably improved with the latest models

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