Thursday, July 11, 2013

Does god need gold?

There are numerous examples to people donating huge amounts to temples and they do the following -

  1. Display the temple wealth - gold dome, other things
  2. Eat it up - The pandas/priests running the place eat up all the money and the worship place continues a mess.
  3. Display+charity - Little charity, some construction and that's about it.
Why do people donate-
  1. Can one actually bribe god?
  2. Do we consider ourselves that great to give god donation?
  3. Create a better worshiping area. Spread the gods message and word.
  4. Have the temple authorities use the money for common good.
What should we do if we want to do charity - 
  1. Feed the poor/needy.
  2. Cloth the poor/needy.
  3. Educate the poor/needy.
  4. Give medicines to poor/needy.
What happens if we do the right charity -
  1. Avoid corruption in religious places.
  2. The overall frustration and pains in the society goes down.
My thoughts and open to debate and expand..

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