Friday, June 15, 2012

Spoon feeding and liars

Recently i am hearing about lots of people who -
  1. Want to be spoon fed. - They would not do anything proactively, you need to make a personal request to them for official work, else they will not oblige and act busy. They can get away because of  dumb management.
  2. Lie with confidence - Not afraid to say anything even in official emails. When you confront more they act ignorant or have some even more lame excuses. As such discussions are fruitless and time wasting,   people just tend to ignore and people get away with this, further strengthening their resolve
My dad was in government job, and though it had its fair share of people who belonged to the first category, the second category was very very less. The government job is still bound by some vigilance which can act in complete autonomy and thus even in all the chaos and size, there is some order. 

The private organizations which have increased beyond a basic size and geography provide an environment where such people can exist. However this is like termite, which would grow overtime, eat the fabric of the organization, leading to utter collapse. Like termite this is hard to deal with, and needs strong action.

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