Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tata Indicomm experience

Decided to buy a tata indicom photon so that there can be access to internet even when we are not at home/office. The perennial need to be connected at all times.

Bought from snapdeal for 1100 got a free bag. Seems the agent might be completing some sort of target, and in all his smartness gave me the most expensive post paid plan without even checking with me. When i asked, said, sir you can change later, this is just trial preactivated.

Now when i told this to tata indicomm and asked for a prepaid plan i was asked to contact a customer care center with ID proof etc. I did that, to know from the center that the application is accepted only at the lajpat nagar office. This was too much pain for me to take so decided it is easier to close the account than to ask for a plan change. Called them and then got 5 calls one after another asking why i want to close and willing to offer me some discount if i move to some another post paid plan. I am not sure 

  1. why tata indicom needs 5 people to call and check the same thing?
  2. Why tata indicomm does not take action against agent for giving plan without consent?
  3. Why it is easier to close a connection than change from post to pre paid.
Overall a very sorry experience. Overall I see the customer value in India is going down and down. Corporations are focused on how many are they adding in a month, rather than how many they are loosing and why? A big population probably allows them to work in this way, but till when??


Prashant Bhardwaj said...

This is the story of all Telcos which have a customer base, and a few additions or dissat customers does not make any impact to them... AIRTEL is another such fkked up story these days!

Anonymous said...

Its a very sorry state of affairs not only in the telecom industry but many other service industries. End of the day these executives only care about reaching targets, no one cares about attrition.

I had a bad experience with HSBC bank which forced me to take them to the Banking Ombudsman, which I finally won.

You are the customer, keep raising your voice against such unscrupulous acts.

After all, a happy customer tells 300, an unhappy tells 3000.