Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tata Indicomm experience

Decided to buy a tata indicom photon so that there can be access to internet even when we are not at home/office. The perennial need to be connected at all times.

Bought from snapdeal for 1100 got a free bag. Seems the agent might be completing some sort of target, and in all his smartness gave me the most expensive post paid plan without even checking with me. When i asked, said, sir you can change later, this is just trial preactivated.

Now when i told this to tata indicomm and asked for a prepaid plan i was asked to contact a customer care center with ID proof etc. I did that, to know from the center that the application is accepted only at the lajpat nagar office. This was too much pain for me to take so decided it is easier to close the account than to ask for a plan change. Called them and then got 5 calls one after another asking why i want to close and willing to offer me some discount if i move to some another post paid plan. I am not sure 

  1. why tata indicom needs 5 people to call and check the same thing?
  2. Why tata indicomm does not take action against agent for giving plan without consent?
  3. Why it is easier to close a connection than change from post to pre paid.
Overall a very sorry experience. Overall I see the customer value in India is going down and down. Corporations are focused on how many are they adding in a month, rather than how many they are loosing and why? A big population probably allows them to work in this way, but till when??

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CIBIL - Playing with customers data and the law

My friend mentioned he was facing financial problems as he had bought some property, but the banks were refusing credit citing some problem in the CIBIL report. This made me curious and I ordered my  CIBIL  report from their website and it arrived promptly. There was some interesting data in the report -
  1. It mentioned my old employers and email Id together with the latest ones.
  2. I had an amex card and for one month it showed a delayed payment by 30 days.
CIBIL says one can raise a dispute on it's site, and I thought it to be some easy issues to fix. I could not have been more wrong. The way CIBIL resolves dispute is by saying -- We had forwarded complaint to the information provider, and they have confirmed it is fine, so go and contact the information provider. On further pressing  CIBIL they responded that they work according to ---- The Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005.

This was good information, then i checked the act online on RBI site and asked them to check the point 23. Disclosure of disputed data by a credit information company of the act. This rattled  CIBIL  a little bit but then they again came back to their original statement.

I have already sent 2 letters to  amex  and it is just today that they have finally confirmed the receiving of letter and that they shall act on it. Will update as this proceeds.

Amex has finally sent  me a letter aditting mistake and that they are sending the correct data to CIBIL. Waiting for CIBIL to confirm the same.   ....................   5th April 2012

Sunday, March 04, 2012


Orchha Pics

Delhi to orchha via Orai was a long drive however the roads have improved a lot. Once the yamuna expressway becomes operational, the drive will become very smooth. The bangles at Ferozabad enroute was a treat to buy.