Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The baggage problem

It takes time to understand that its best practice to NOT keep a baggage on you when you have a fight or altercation with someone. Such baggage only increase with time and the burden is always increasing. One also then tends to make a perception which then influences any further interactions. We need to think if it is worth it? Isn't it much easier to try and get off the load and move much faster ahead happily? When you start keeping baggage's, people also start to keep theirs, and  then others interact with one another, collating their bad experiences making a harder perception against you and you end up more and more isolated.

Instead of carrying bad memories it is always better to carry the good ones. It helps to take the lesson from bad ones so as to prevent it later. Also we have a fixed memory bank, why should we then spend on things we don't like? Why can't we make life simpler?


Arti said...

Hi Ankur,
I have been reading some of our topics and they have always interested me. I am not sure why you have chosen to write this topic. As always, I play safe, I agree and disagree on any topic. Something I have learnt to do in life. I agree that baggage shouldn't be kept and obviously it is hard to carry along with you. I am a very vocal person, try to be honest and polite to voice my opinions, sometimes I cant keep up high standards. I have lot of baggage I have kept for years, some I decided to shed and talk it out and mend the relationship, some I decided to fight it out and end the relationships. It all depends on how the other person's attitude is too. If the other person cares enough to deal with the issue, I deal with it too. If not, I fight it out and end it. I have lost many so-called "friends", "family", but the good ones stayed along and I am going stronger and stronger, because I dont carry their useless baggages any longer. I have had some people come back and apologise, I have graciously accepted their apology but have never included them in my life. So, I am just trying to say that everything has its pros and cons and we need to weigh what is important and throw the people with the baggage sometimes and move on. End of the day, get rid of that baggage! Helps a lot! Just my experience.

Ankur said...

I agree 100% with you Arti. People with baggage and negative people have to be left behind to move ahead yourself..And as Rahim said "Rahiman dhaga prem ka mat todo chatkai, toote to for na jude, jude gaanth padh jaaye". (Rahim - Dont break the string of live, once broken it does not get joint, even if it does, there is a knot)

yogita said...

Your career and life will change for the better when you surround yourself with positive people and keep the negative ones away.
Negative people are big time pessimists who can never view the glass as half full and invariably view it as half empty. They are lack scruples and principles. They are ill-mannered and unscrupulous & should be kept at arm’s length.
A person is known by the company he keeps. If you stay in the vicinity of negative people, you are bound to develop a negative attitude yourself.

~ ॐ ~ said...

For some reason I thought you were talking about flight baggage :) and I read again to realize it was emotional baggage you were talking about..

Not everything can be left behind or atleast by normal humans... over a period of time either this baggage disintegrates (or we forget why the baggage was there, though the load stays) or we tend to shrug it off!

One good way would be to talk things out, but if it was that easy, matters would not have gone wrong anyway :)

I think an important thing to do is to remember that being light helps... and keep reminding oneself of it!

Ankur said...

@prashant bhai - excess baggage is always a problem, while travelling the journey of life or otherwise. I like baggage only in safari, as space is not a constraint, however our mind has a limited space, and emotional baggage has lots of consequences. Talking things out, or even writing them helps to get it out of your system. But yes, things are not easy, and sometimes u keep piling without even realizing.

Prashant Bhardwaj said...

While driving the safari, I realised that all my emotional baggage also did not matter :D there was a certain feel to being on the wheel! :)