Monday, August 15, 2011

electricity woes of India

In India even after 65 years of independence the nation struggles with electricity. There are power cuts in all major cities. In small towns the electricity is there for 12-14 hrs, and as the towns get smaller, the electricity time gets shorter.

Here are some of the reasons which I think contribute for the same -
  1. Free electricity which government provides to farmers - No/less electricity solves this problem. The government does not want to educate people, that they have to pay if they for electricity. Government just thinks of votes and promises free electricity.
  2. Transmission losses - There is lot of electricity theft, thanks to corruption and hunger for votes. Additionally we have invested little to reduce this.
  3. Bad planning - The general answer of the government is it takes time for electricity planning and implementation. Is 65 yrs not enough? For most of this time only 1 political party/family has been in power.

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