Friday, July 22, 2011

Parkland hotel membership

Last year I decided to enroll in the parkland resort membership. The offer was fine, for around 5k, they were offering the vouchers for room nights, cakes and wines.

Their  restaurant Delhi masala in green park property is good, but only issue is it is v small and barely enough for the hotel crowd. So, if you want to book a table it's never done. There is lot of wait on weekends.

Another restaurant is grapes in Safadarjung enclave. The restaurant is fine but quite expensive. The experience was fine, but nothing great. The cake is available only at this place.

When i went to book rooms, the whole issue started. The reservation desk number is almost never picked up. I tried talking to the person who had sold me the membership, but he also started sounding dicey. Finally whole year passed and I was unable to book the rooms. Now that my membership is up for renewal, i am being asked to renew, and promised the nights which are already expired.

A very sorry experience. I hope in all the zeal of marketing, they think about customers and forging long term relationships.

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