Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am not wrong!!

Everyone wishes the other person with whom they are dealing with have a clear thinking and decision making. We want to move ahead in life and not get stuck because of delay the other person is introducing by not giving the decision. However, we ourselves are guilty of sitting on many decisions? This needs some serious introspection.

We are afraid of decisions, about being wrong. Suddenly, i see being wrong as something totally unacceptable by ourselves. We go to great lengths to prove we are not wrong. We can hurt people who dare say that we are wrong. People feel age or position/rank gives them the immunity or that innate power of never being wrong.

We avoid confrontations and sit on decisions, hoping situations might just resolve itself. The pressure of always being right, is leading to people being more and more lonely, because they are afraid to share. The permutations that go into making any simple decision has increased many folds. Thus more depression and aggression. life used to be simple, but who has complicated it? us?

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bonzo said...

This one sure gives food for some serious thought.