Thursday, December 09, 2010

Harsh criticism

Criticism is something I have been struggling with since a long time. Both in giving and taking criticism. Sometimes I am soft while criticizing others and then found that there was no effect, and sometimes I criticize too harshly on something very small. Criticizm helps people to grow, and is very important. Constructive criticism works like polishing on a rough diamond, but hard polish can break the diamond also. Some people fear criticism, specially managers, who are afraid that it might be seen as a negative trait. It might just make enemies. Those criticized might resign, or spread dissent in team.

I feel its a great injustice to your team if you are not sharing criticism and working with one another on those, to build stronger teams and stronger bonds.

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Nimmi said...

constructive feedback will work. I am not sure if you are skill soft user. it has great articles and online training material on providing contructive feedback and much more