Thursday, September 02, 2010

Similar problems different solutions

I saw 2 documentaries on Nat geo. The first one was about illegal trade in tiger skins and bones going on in china, and second was about Pablo Escobar, who was once the Leader of the cartel smuggling cocaine to US from Columbia. He was 7th richest man in the world at one time.

To stop tiger trade it was argued that consumption for tiger bones/skins/product should be curbed so that all killing stops automatically, when the market dies.

However for cocaine, pablo escobar was hunted down in Columbia and finally gunned down. This was done with immense US support. I wonder why does the US not crack hard on cocaine/drug dealers and users. Once the market dies the cocaine production/smuggling would have stopped automatically.

Another important point made in the documentary was if there is political will, then nobody, no matter how strong, smart or powerful can continue. So for the Maoist problem that plagues the country, the root cause is lack of political will. If we have a plan and work on it, very soon the entire maoist infra can be made to collapse.

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