Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Price of petrol

The petrol and diesel price rise seems to be big news now a days with opposition calling for bandhs and government saying that it is still priced cheaper than in neighboring states..

It is interesting that government does not compare the price of fuel in comparison with US, where the fuel is still cheaper than what it is in India.

Also interesting to note is that both state and central government tax the fuel in a good manner, and then claim to give subsidy.. What a farce....

States like Maharashtra and West Bengal which had the best of bandh and protest, and where both state governments supported the protest, are the ones that have highest tax on petrol and diesel.

All the parties are having fun at the peoples expense, who are fighting a huge price rise.. I dont know how many years it will take for the Indian people to understand this, and have good leaders running the country..

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Pankaj Jaju said...

The price of oil in USA is low because they go on war for oil. (ha ha)
Jokes apart ... Not many people knows about the taxes on fuel and media dont highlight it enough. In fact at one of the tv interviews, i heard a politician say that they cant reduce taxes as it is a major source of income for state govt. (what a joke). In fact, our very own oil minister said that he dont think the price rise is that much ... Considering he gets his oil free of cost (on taxpayers money).