Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Difference between role and designation

This is a follow up post based on a comment on my old post. Here are dictionary definitions of Role and designation

Role - Prescribed or expected behavior associated with a particular position or status in a group or organization.

Designation - nomination, appointment, or election to an office, position, etc.

In many IT companies I have seen designations and roles as totally mismatch. So someone being called as an Architect does no different work from a developer. And sometimes Leads act as managers, and managers just act as project coordinators. This often leads to confusions among what is expected from people, and what are their goals.

It's also important to understand that ROLE PRECEDES DESIGNATION. So if you are a lead aspiring to become a manager, in addition to your responsibilities, you need to get into the role of your manager. Start doing and understanding the nuances of being a manager.

Any questions?

Monday, May 03, 2010

Is anger good?

There is a lot of things written on Anger and its management. I have heard lot of times, its not good to be angry, i feel differently. I feel anger is a basic emotion like happiness and crying, and thus should not be suppressed. It's good to be feeling and being angry, else we would just become vegetables.

What is bad is how anger is handled. It is very important to hold your tongue and body when angry. It's important to not do anything irrational when angry. When angry, try to think more rationally about it..Like how a third person would think on the situation and on the anger. Channelizing your anger is very important. Sometimes physical exercise, long walk and chatting with a good friend helps you develop a deeper insight.

Credit cards

I have been using credit cards since quite some time now and have used of various banks. Here is a brief on my experience with them.

  1. HSBC - most avoidable. pathetic customer service and orientation. I wanted to use it, but the website is so stupid and customer care answers so arrogant, that i had to cancel it.
  2. ICICI - It seems they decided to give the reward points management to Imint. Which makes reward redemption a very messy deal. Again totally avoidable.
  3. SBI - I like this card, they don't call you too much or trouble you. But the website is not good, it is down occasionally. The points system even on the platinum card is not really that great. They used to have great offers at one point of time, but not anymore. Customer service is very bad,,,sometimes emails are not responded till a reminder is sent.
  4. HDFC - I have the card, used it once, got service charge added for petrol when they said it wont be...That was reversed after email, but i am confused, do i need to call them every-time for something that basic? Not using it now.
  5. Citibank - I found it to be most professional and with best practices. Using it since last 7-8 years with almost no problems. It has a decent points system.