Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dubai Visa

There was a confusion regarding Visa for my recent visit to UAE. For visitor visa your visa is processed either by the hotel or the travel agent of Dubai, but as i was going to stay with family there, this was not the option open to me. Next option is to ask the family there to get the visa for me, however for that the deposit asked by government is very high. Finally thought of trying the option of DVPC. On reading more figured that this is open for people flying on emirates airlines only. Finally made the papers and applied for visa. Then after 2-3 days i called up emirates airlines and they sent me an email, which was supposed to be the visa...

When i went to get foreign exchange to the travel agent, her got confused on seeing the printout.. Then i asked him to call up the emirates airlines and check on the visa. He did confirm it, and only after that gave the forex.

Flying was fine, however when i landed at Dubai terminal 3, at the immigration, the officer there was not pleased on seeing the email. He said he needed some individual email for all 3 of us. I said, this is what i have,,,,Seeing the child and the family, he said, i am letting you go, but from next time get individual visa...NEXT TIME....HMMMMMMM

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