Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bigg Boss

I watch big boss season 3 on and off. It is interesting because it shows the real people that is inside most of the celebrities. As, there is no escape, it is entertaining to see how the differences are worked on. Predicting who is going to go and who is going to stay, makes for interesting chai time discussion.

This season i am thinking that Raju srivastava, might go till very end. He does not picks fight with anybody and is generally seen having fun. I would like to see Kamal R Khan go at earliest, he is a nuisance, not even remotely interesting. With sherlyn, i am hoping that people start using the pool soon :-)

Onscreen husband and wife makes for a cool watch. U cant get together and u cant go away. I am impressed with the way tanaaz handles herself in argument, v crisp, sharp and expressive.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Inglorious basterds

The name was very catchy and different for a movie, and it got me interested. With director as Quentin tarantino and actor as bradd pitt, it caught my attention even more. Finally yesterday decided to give it a shot.

There is an amazing background score, which is typical for tarantino i guess, and that was one thing which held me to the movie. The move starts as v gripping and interesting, but somehow looses the steam in the middle. There is an amazing discussion between German SS Hans and a farmer, and it was just a masterpiece. The acting, direction and the plot.

So, movie may be watched once for all its sparks of brilliance and the music.