Thursday, August 13, 2009

Working with hands tied

I am experiencing how frustrating it is to work with hands tied. When just installing a simple thing on your laptop is pain, thanks to stupid antivirus which can only be disabled by the IT team.. When people don't bother to respond to your emails, and when people all around you can give 100 excuses, and just cant admit they did wrong, or atleast they can improve!!! Or can't admit they don't know. Very few people infact have the guts to say I don't know, but i am willing to work on it.. And even fewer actually work on it and get back...

Now what can be done, when you are surrounded by inefficiency and feel hands are tied -
  1. Try finding like minded people and see if something can be done about it..
  2. Try doing whatever you can, atleast do good, whatever is in your hands.
  3. Try pushing management to take some corrective action. - RISKY option :-)
  4. Find another job - well this can be an option, but every job has its own challenges, the new job may have its own even worse problems..
  5. You also enjoy, lazy around, make excuses - but this is very hard for dumb people like me to do....

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