Sunday, August 30, 2009

Misalignment of goals

Discussed a peculiar situation with a friend where he said, that his boss was against the growth of their unit because he feared that if it became big then he might get replaced by someone else. IN such a situation the individual was simply not able to do well, because his good initiatives were bent down, to satisfy the boss’s goal. And to top it all, the person is blamed for average mediocre performance. Obviously the boss will not obviously say that mediocre performance is my goal/aim, he lays that down to his people.

Such a situation is not very unique, increasingly i have seen this happening in many of its variants. Every person working for individual goals and they not collectively aligning to the company’s goal. This is always a big loss to the company. Who is to blame?

Senior management, when it starts relying on people more than the data, when it cocoons itself from grass root workers, this is the situation most prevalent. When the managers cannot share their concerns with the senior managers, such situations arise. Where it is all political games and self goal achievement.

Such situations are not hard to deal with, but it needs some management with vision. Vision is one of the important traits of leaders, but sadly most do not have it. Some have a vision, but do not understand how to reach it, they just want magic.

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