Sunday, August 30, 2009

Misalignment of goals

Discussed a peculiar situation with a friend where he said, that his boss was against the growth of their unit because he feared that if it became big then he might get replaced by someone else. IN such a situation the individual was simply not able to do well, because his good initiatives were bent down, to satisfy the boss’s goal. And to top it all, the person is blamed for average mediocre performance. Obviously the boss will not obviously say that mediocre performance is my goal/aim, he lays that down to his people.

Such a situation is not very unique, increasingly i have seen this happening in many of its variants. Every person working for individual goals and they not collectively aligning to the company’s goal. This is always a big loss to the company. Who is to blame?

Senior management, when it starts relying on people more than the data, when it cocoons itself from grass root workers, this is the situation most prevalent. When the managers cannot share their concerns with the senior managers, such situations arise. Where it is all political games and self goal achievement.

Such situations are not hard to deal with, but it needs some management with vision. Vision is one of the important traits of leaders, but sadly most do not have it. Some have a vision, but do not understand how to reach it, they just want magic.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Provident fund


We all have to make a compulsory contribution to the provident fund, but keeping track of it with changing jobs really become a pain. Rules also change with time, earlier there you need to have a new account with every company, and then it was that you can have the same account when you move across organizations. What makes it more complex that big organizations have their own provident fund collection and management, i.e. TCS and Bennett and Coleman.

I need to solve this mess for me, and probably then i might have my answers..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Justice late and denied

Justice in India is late and denied. It was nice to hear about it from our prime minister himself. But what came thereafter is disappointing, the CJI and PM differ in the reasons, both have pointed the problem in each others area but do not want to make the change that lies in their hands. So i don't think anything will change. This situation is not very different from our corporate. This is sadly the state when management is indecisive and does not want to put in the effort required to solve such difficult problems. Such problems need lot of perseverance and determination. There is no easy solution.  But to create a plan around this is not really very hard.

Figure out the rate at which the courts are being approached, and what manpower is needed for them. This is important to ensure that there is no more pile up.

Next is to plan an additional capacity that works for cleaning out the current piled up cases. This overcapacity shall be neutralized in longer run with retirements happening and increase in the run rate for current cases.

The reason why nothing happens is simple, up to an extent both the judiciary and executive gain from dead/lame justice -

1. Judges continue to be important, as they are few in number and always laden with work. India not only prides itself with almost largest population, but worlds maximum and most busiest people will be in India.

2. Judges get paid by frustrated people trying to work through this mess.

3. Executive uses lame justice to their advantage. Do anything and by the time the decision come you are already dead. GO to lower court, then high court and then supreme court.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Working with hands tied

I am experiencing how frustrating it is to work with hands tied. When just installing a simple thing on your laptop is pain, thanks to stupid antivirus which can only be disabled by the IT team.. When people don't bother to respond to your emails, and when people all around you can give 100 excuses, and just cant admit they did wrong, or atleast they can improve!!! Or can't admit they don't know. Very few people infact have the guts to say I don't know, but i am willing to work on it.. And even fewer actually work on it and get back...

Now what can be done, when you are surrounded by inefficiency and feel hands are tied -
  1. Try finding like minded people and see if something can be done about it..
  2. Try doing whatever you can, atleast do good, whatever is in your hands.
  3. Try pushing management to take some corrective action. - RISKY option :-)
  4. Find another job - well this can be an option, but every job has its own challenges, the new job may have its own even worse problems..
  5. You also enjoy, lazy around, make excuses - but this is very hard for dumb people like me to do....