Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rafting time

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Went for white water rafting at rishikesh during the weekend, Chose to drove to rishikesh and back..went sat and back on Sunday. A tiring drive but it was fun. Laying down in the river makes you forget all the pains and troubles. Neitya enjoyed a lot playing in the sand and water. She could get all dirty and nobody was bothered. This was also first time rafting for Nidhi, so she also came to know what amazing fun it is...

The world is round, and so i met my good office friend at grand cheetal in Midway while going. Also at the camp there was an another group of 3 guys, of which one was friend of Nidhi and other was a current employee of globallogic..

More pics are on camera of friends and I am waiting for them..

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