Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flexi hours and telecommuting

I have long been a fan of flexi hours and telecommuting, thanks to be working with Globallogic for 5+ yrs, which was one of the first few companies that started that in India. I have found people/managers who do not like this idea, as they feel that it hampers work and reduces productivity. I wonder in service industry, are we measuring the output wiz time? If someone delivers me on time and as promised should i be bothered if he works from home/office or works what hours. Now in the age of internet and mobile as long as the person is reachale it should be good enough.

Some benfits which i see-
  1. People become more responsible, they understand with freedom comes resposibility.
  2. People save on fuel cost and travel times, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.
  3. Companies save on infra/operations cost. - Space is one of the biggest cost that company takes, so if you can optimise on that, great.
  4. People are not in tension about thier personal work when in office,,,,they can adjust, prioritise and deliver.

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Pankaj Jaju said...

very true

u should also ponder upon some obvious loopholes of it ... may b in ur next post ...