Friday, November 14, 2008

Lay offs

Across industry lay offs are happening. Almost all companies where I have friends and mine including have had to ask people to go...This time I was also on the other side of the table and it was a real shaky experience, giving out the news...Even though much of retrenchment is because of performance issues, and people need to understand its a Jungle and one needs to be at the top of the game to survive.

Infact all my friends/family has stayed clear of the layoffs except one friend whose mail came in yesterday..I hope things get better soon.

The stocks are also down, and lots of my money is stuck owing to recent job changes. Then something or the else stupid stuff keeps happening. I have a policy with Max new york life insurance and i enrolled for ECS for payment of policy money, they don't raise the ECS request and then send me a letter for policy lapse. So for all concerned, max is a total NO NO for insurance. V V unprofessional.