Sunday, October 26, 2008

Regionalism and MNS

The actions of MNS in recent months has garnered lot of debate all around. Recent action is

What MNS wants is to break the one India we have into many many small states. Worst is that some people of maharashtra have actually been misled by him.. Even more worst is that people with similar mindset like him in other parts of india have also been encouraged.

I was wondering that why is congress government (which is at both center and state) not doing anything about this, and then heard someone in a TV show say that, well Congress gets to divide the Shiv sena votes by working along with MNS, so both MNS and congress is gaining from the stupidity that is going on.. RAJ thackery has now become a nationally known politician, and we all know know that there is party of goons called as MNS. Shiv sena again cant complain about all this as they had been the ones doing this in the past to gain votes, and they fear to alienate thier present supporters, as the party stands on same idiols like MNS....

Blogging might help, but i think all media and eveybody has criticised whats happening there..but as both MNS and Congress are gaining nothing is happening...Judiciary can/might step in but that may do more damage to the present state of judiciary -->Executive relationship.

This is a battle which all the maharashtrains will have to fight and prove an example by making MNS as no entity in the elections.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting general insurance

General insurance is now not that simple, where you could get it from any vendor and get the same price and service. Now there are many vendors and the premium quoted by them differs a lot. I was surprised to see premium quotes at .. ICICI lombard and royal sundaram are both offering a good premium, however my workshop people are not comfortable with any of them, so i shall go with reliance insurance, with whom i had insurance also last year.... They are offering a decent amount.. However i would strongly now suggest people to compare rates before buying any insurance


Kyun (Why)? is the favorite and often used phrase by my almost 3 yr old Daughter. It sometimes catches me by real surprise and I get dumbstruck. Sometimes its fun trying to answer the list of KYUN.. She makes a real concerned face when she says KYUN, and you are unable to decide if she is serious or joking...How to exactly respond...Guess this is a time which comes in the growing up of every child when he/she questions everything,,,,Probably another milestone in the journey of life..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jai Shri RAM

Jai Shri RAM
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On Dasshera day went to see the Ramlila procession in old delhi...There were good bands playing music and some nice shows..Still it is not as grand as what it used to be, we are loosing a big part of tradition in this.

It was fun to see Neitya and other kids enjoying the show, and i wish it gets passed on to generations after that also,,,,

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Which site is best to maintain portfolio?

I have till now tried to maintain the stocks portfolio on 3 sites-

Any other good/better site? Why?

Where are the markets headed!!

My fav question now a days to any person who has interest in stocks market is that---Where is the market headed..?? These are few answers--

  • Markets will bounce back in first Quarter 2009.
  • Coming months are bad.
  • Stay away from market for now.

But I have now seen that Indian market is famed for going against what all think...The Indian market has not fallen real bad even after all the US banks collapse. However if the SENSEX comes down to 10-11k, then it would be a bad time..The sensex would reach 2-3 yrs low.

Personally where the markets are headed should not affect a long term investor, the Indian economy is headed the right way, so if you keep on investing regularly, then in probably the next 4-5 yrs one should be able to make some a return which exceeds the current rate of return in fixed deposit.. The best part (lure) with stocks is that the income is not taxable..(income on investments more than 1+ yrs old)