Thursday, September 18, 2008

My search for good stocks

Stocks and share markets are very complex, and with many many companies and your money on the line, it makes it really crucial to pick the best buys. My dad has been dealing in stocks as a matter of hobby since last many years. even though he is not into analysis, but his experience makes him come up with some good tits bits here and there for any kind of situation that the market is going through.

I recently moved my portfolio of shares to from Rediff is good and simple, however as my knowledge of things improved, i needed more slicing on my data, and thus moved my portfolio. But now seems the hunger as grown even more and I don't know what to do... I have come to now quite understand some of the terms like EPS, P/E etc and therefore want to compare my stocks on them. Indian stock market is at decent buying level presently, soo i thought of picking the few i might want to invest in.

Here is what i am looking for---Top 100 stocks in terms of net profit like we get here but i also want more colums having data like P/E, 52 week high/low. Any idea where i can get it?

Also now the portfolio statistics for reliance money have started working and now i can atleast see how i have been losing money since the time i started :-) he he he..

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