Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Salary on time

I resigned from my last company on 27th of that month after spending more than 5 years with them. The HR in our meeting points it out to me that as a PROCESS my salary for that month will be blocked. When I threatened to leave without giving a KT, then they released the salary.. This was after considering the fact that my final settlement was around 3 times my monthly salary.. (considering gratuity, 27 days salary for next month and reimbursements)....It felt very sad that company treats you in this way after you have given them more than 5 years. This was a culmination of 2 facts, processes over riding people, and ignorant/insensitive HR.

Most of the people told me that i was stupid to resign on 27th, should have waited till first. I did that because i wanted to serve maximum notice period and also once you have made up your mind to exit, it is best for all that you move out at earliest possible date.

Now just after 4 months with my present company i shall be making the move again. and this time I get my salary on time, and yes it makes me feel goood... In future again I would love to work with this company and its people. Probably the processes here are not that much set, or probably they check with persons manager and others for persons credibility before making such a decision.

I still wonder why does process need to override people? Process is always to facilitate and guide, its not words written in stone...Its not the final word....Everything needs to evolve and improve,,else it perishes, so its required to listen to people and improve process, rather than to lay processes on people. Or hiding behind process when doing something that is wrong...I strongly believe one does not need to be told what wrong and what's right, you just need to listen to your inner voice. Once can always lie to someone else, but lying to yourself is very hard. However in present days more and more people have killed their self, or stopped listening to it...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exercise Start

Finally after a break of 2-3 yrs, i have again started exercising since last 2 days,,,and it makes me feel v v goood :-) My Gym room now has glasses and my old weights, need to move in the treadmill and a bench, which i hope and plan to buy soon,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Johari window

Not much contribution happened on my Johari window, so this is another post for it,,for those who have not filled it yet, please give feedback.....http://kevan.org/johari?name=ankurindus

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My search for good stocks

Stocks and share markets are very complex, and with many many companies and your money on the line, it makes it really crucial to pick the best buys. My dad has been dealing in stocks as a matter of hobby since last many years. even though he is not into analysis, but his experience makes him come up with some good tits bits here and there for any kind of situation that the market is going through.

I recently moved my portfolio of shares to http://www.moneycontrol.com from http://money.rediff.com. Rediff is good and simple, however as my knowledge of things improved, i needed more slicing on my data, and thus moved my portfolio. But now seems the hunger as grown even more and I don't know what to do... I have come to now quite understand some of the terms like EPS, P/E etc and therefore want to compare my stocks on them. Indian stock market is at decent buying level presently, soo i thought of picking the few i might want to invest in.

Here is what i am looking for---Top 100 stocks in terms of net profit like we get here but i also want more colums having data like P/E, 52 week high/low. Any idea where i can get it?

Also now the portfolio statistics for reliance money have started working and now i can atleast see how i have been losing money since the time i started :-) he he he..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My experience with managers

HR 2.0 : why team development is for losers: Why do we need middle managers

the above post lead me to http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/TwoStories.html

And then i thought of penning down my own instances...

  • Manager X from client side raises a big hackle of finding 400+ issues in the production released application.. He emails everybody to everybody in the outsourced partner working for him about this...Now management at partners side comes into picture, questioning the competency of the working team and how come so many issues were there. Fortunately the issues were trivial and the issue analysis was done and team told that there was 1 valid issue in the entire list.  However, most of the management at client's or partners end was not convinced, most did not know the application, or bothered to open the defect analysis sheet, or attempt to understand the application. Now a big meeting is called of all management to analyze the situation and understand whats wrong and who to blame for fault..(Remember there was just one small valid issue in the big list)....Now we had a process audit and the management at partners end made a presentation that it was all teams and process fault and we would work to improve...And finally team is left demoralized..But who cared,,,ALL the management team made their point..Management team at clients end was able to show it was smart,,,,Management team at outsourced partner showed that it can keep client happy..Who cares about team??? Well iteration in IT stands at 24%, so why should anybody leaving organization bother anybody? SO Middle managers are needed to prove team is dumb and they can handle issues where none exists.......
  • My manager tells me client manager is not happy with my work. I ask exact reason--he does not know,,,i ask for group meeting--well managers do meetings, not worker...I got totally confused on what to do, and then just sent IM to client manager asking for the problem, he had a small query, which i answered and that was it...So middle managers are needed to create confusion...
  • One of the most remembered instance is where my Sr. managers complains to me that I have a very high benchmark of work, and that troubles others...SO he was totally fine with others not wanting to increase benchmark,,but wanted me to lower mine..Obviously i used both ears while listening to this  :-)
  • My managers complains of bad quality, and when i ask for data, he points to 1 slipped bug...and then goes on to say....we want bug free applications (i wonder if any exist in this world),,and there is some more lecture on working better etc etc,,and following more processes (Processes are the magic pill for all ill) and etc etc....So middle managers are sometimes needed to talk junk..
What i have learnt any project running green is not a good feat for the manager (its assumed that the proj is just v easy), so good managers are those who make green project go red(blame on team), and then get project back to green(Thanks to thier gr8 mgmt skills)

Friday, September 12, 2008

my next vehicle

BBC NEWS | Business | Plug-in hybrid boosts electric motoring

My next vehicle in most probability might be electric. In the city jams and traffic and with rising fuel cost, the electrics make a lot of sense. I would love to save money and do something for environment at the same time, the cost wud be a slightly slower commute..not much of a pain for small journeys.

One of the hurdles that remain is the high cost of batteries and the limited life of batteries, i hope some improvements come on that side also.

Go Daddy account..think again!!!

I bought the domain ankurg.info from godaddy about one year back. I was not able to renew the domain on time and now godaddy has sat on my domain name through a smart way - http://domainsbyproxy.com/ so you dont know exactly who has acquired your domain. So now i guess the next step from godaddy would be to ask me use thier negotiation service for which i think they charge around 39$. 

Now when i email godaddy about renewing the domain, they say it has been bought by someone else. Still the best part is that http://www.ankurg.info still points to my blogger blog (albeit an older one which does not have latest posts).

I tried renewing about 1-2 months back, but that time i was surprised to see that renewal charge for the domain was 7$, while for a new .info domain you still needed to pay 2$.

So either godaddy blackmails you to pay more, or squats on your domain...

So if you guys get lured by cheap initial prices from godaddy, think again if you want to be doing business with such kind of company...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Automatic cars in India - Hyundai i10

The only automatic small car that you can find in India is the Hyundai i10 kappa sportz model. I always used to think that automatic does not make much sense, but now when i drive it, I see it makes a much easier drives in constant jammed traffic that we have, and also people who do not know how to drive stick shift vehicles can adapt and learn to drive such cars very quickly.

I am impressed with automatic cars, and surely suggest it to anybody thinking of buying a good small easy car for Delhi traffic.

Friday, September 05, 2008

TOI steals contents

Times of India, leading national daily does not feel anything wrong with stealing content,,,,read more at http://blog.twilightfairy.in/2008/09/01/toi-believes-flickr-is-for-flicking/