Thursday, August 07, 2008

Work from Home in india

Taking 2.5 hrs to travel 20 km from home to office makes me think, why cant we work from home more in India. The concept of work from home has not really clicked in India, specially the Delhi, NCR region. some of the reasons,
  1. Inexperienced managers.
  2. Lack of responsibility in team.
  3. old bossy mindset of managers.
  4. Afraid to get client approval.
  5. unrealistic security concerns.

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~ ॐ ~ said...

The concept is coming up... IBM has a policy that dates back about a decade and supports people to work from home ( even pays them extra to manage the home office)

Infy started a policy sometime late last year, though its a very weak policy..

I am sure most of the other large MNCs have a related policy too... I know of Agilent, Microsoft, CSC, Flextronics etc to name a few...