Monday, June 23, 2008

Paid for sitting idle

I am enjoying being paid to sit idle, served company the notice period, published knowledge transfer plan, got it approved from client and asked for early release, however the smart managers insist I serve complete notice period, even though there is nothing to do...An offer hard to refuse, to be paid to sit idle, drink coffee, enjoy AC, come flexible hours.....WOW :-)


Anonymous said...

Saw your post...
Normally based on past exp :-) people who have less on their plates take less time to transit.

But (a catch) again based on exp no transtion can complete in 20 person days. IF the person giving the transition is doing it properly. Of course normally people will just point you to documents, apps and say "I learnt it myself so should you". That is a fluke transition in my opinion. A proper transition will make the other person your shadow and the client/manager should see that themselves. If transition is done to a person of same team this becomes easy can may be fast; but if done to an outsider; cannot be done in 20 days (dunno your case).

That is punishment to the company and client; well that much loyalty is expected.

Probably instead of having negative feelings you could have possibly taken a signoff.

Free coffee, tea and entertainment are now provided even at companies other than IT. So thats not a big deal; it depends how you want to spend your time. If you do drink free coffee thats because you drank it even before you put papers; it is habit forming.

Ankur said...

@anonymous- I understand that saying things by name takes some courage, which is a very rare thing.

Normally with my experience, smart people have efficient processes and documents in place so that they can easily transition when need arises. And yes smart people do work less, reason why horses are not made to carry weight and donkeys are.

Negative feelings are with you and not with me, I am the one having fun here..

And mr anonymous, i think you know more than what you are trying to show ignorance of.