Friday, May 30, 2008

life moving on

2 major developments in the last few days.

I have resigned from my company after working for then for more than 5 yrs. In a company which now has 1500 + people in Noida itself, i am the 8th oldest employee. The person from HR who came to talk to me about my decision could hardly understand the issues, its sad that you have to leave a company after working for them for so long, but i am convinced that this is the best decision for me and the company. I have outgrown the company's requirements.

I started investing in shares with reliance money. Decided that it is the best way for making long term investments. Given the fact that we are on internet the whole day, it should not be much of a problem. Overall this journey has been fine been able to make some money in the falling markets, in quick buy and sell. However, the cement stocks are in loss now, which i think would give returns later. Indian infra is set to grow rapidly in coming years.

June is nearing and need to get the tests done for my daughter, it would be around an year after her operation, she has been much healthier and i hope that tests confirm that all is well.

November am planning a long drive around the Jhansi, khujraho, gwalior belt, my bro in law getting married at Konch, a small town near Orai(Jhansi).

Rearranged my room majorly to make place for the baby bed, moved DVD player and set top box for TV on wall glass shelves to save space.

My bro is relocating back to Delhi, and that gives strength to our old dream of having a home gym.


~ ॐ ~ said...

congratulations !!!

and hope i can get a membership to the Gym :)

Ajeet Singh Sachan said...

If you are the 8th employee, you must have been passed more than 6 years rather than 5. As i was having ID 69th and now it is more than 2 & half year to left Indus. I was there for 3 years only.

Ankur said...

@ajeet- nice to see that u read my blog, I meant 8th oldest surviving employee. my Emp id was 91.