Sunday, April 06, 2008

Review your employer

Came across criticat

A site where you can review your employer, i like the idea. But how many people in India would actually take the pain of reviewing is yet to be seen. We are more used to taking things than giving to it, well we might have used many free/open source applications, but did we do anything to give back to it?

Additionally we are more scared people, the ghulami mentality is not fully out yet. We are Yes sir people and we like Yes sir people. When people are resigning and moving to another company, they are so scared to tell about where they are going. The usual answer is -- i have 2-3 options and am thinking, anybody stupid enough to believe that one has not decided the next company before throwing in the papers?


bluesoulcurry said...

yep very true...even im clueless y ppl do tht...but do u also do this...huh?

Ankur said...

@bluesoylcurry--what do i do??