Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garibon ki sarkar!

I always wonder that our government claims to be a garibon ki sarkar (poor mans government), so what will it do when nobody is poor? So removal of poverty is means removal of the government. To keep people poor and voting for our uneducated and goonda politicians it is very important that people do not get educated. So at one hand we have a huge number of educated unemployed who can take teaching jobs, and at the other hand we got a very large no. of uneducated in India.

Parents not educating thier children needs to be a criminal offence, as you are ruining the future of the nation. Those found remotely to being a hinderance in mass education should be dealt in the strongest possible way.

Will our country ever have a government which is not full of uneducated people and ex goondas? When will we find it objectionable that the politicians becoming millionaires just on donations?

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