Saturday, April 19, 2008

The blogging importance

When around 4 years ago i started blogging, it was considered a wierd thing to do....A PUBLIC DIARY,,,,that was the general reaction. It was thought to be some kind of new teen fad. However now it has become a thing to reckon with. There are things like citizen journalism with which even some of the big governments are scared. And now we have most of the celebs having blogs. Corporate blogs have also caught on big time.

Corporate blogs, social media or web 2.0 is the most interesting thing which i see right now.

And with microblogs like twitter also making a big impression, blogging has become very interesting.

Corporates blogs are a big force, but to make them work, still it does not have the wide base that is required to make it a success. V few developers actually want to blog....It really takes some consistent effort and writing to make any blog have a decent followership.

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