Thursday, March 20, 2008

Windoze free

I would like to be microsoft or windoze free sometime soon, i have been using ubuntu on my home machine since some time still am not quite there, some of the troubling things are-
  1. My webcam does not work on ubuntu
  2. skype sound settings occasionally change from what i set.
  3. flickr uploaders work pathetically or dont resize, have one issue or another.
  4. Getting pics from my kodak camera is painfully slow.
  5. K3b is good for CD burning, but still not there-recently i copied .dat files off a VCD and thought using k3b would again be able to make the VCD from it, something i had done in Nero before. It did not work with K3b and then tried some more CD burnign programs for linux, but they were worst that K3b.
  6. PLaying online music from sites like musicindiaonline or raaga is crappy, but shoutcast radio on VLC works, so that provides an alternative.
  7. Exchange support in Eudora is crappy.
  8. Yahoo messenger provides an ages old client for Linux, it should try and give a latest version. Pidgin is an alternative, still i think Yahoo can come out with a richer messenger for Linux.
  9. Opera works lovely fast on ubuntu, but many sites jut wont work on it or would look v crappy on it.

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~ ॐ ~ said...

i want to be windows free too...