Friday, March 21, 2008

why i like Ubuntu

My previous post might give an impression that Ubuntu sucks,,however here are some reasons i like it.
  • I dont have to bother abt anti virus or antispyware.
  • Synaptic is wonderful way to install/uninstall anything. I dont need to go to any website for downloading anything.
  • I dont carry the guilt of using a pirated windoze.
  • I get better performance from my old machine.
  • Helped me to overcome my fear of linux.


~ ॐ ~ said...

ubuntu does not suck at all...

i have used it myself for a couple of months before i had to switch back to windows because i could not install PS on it... but i still loved the performance and more !!!

Sachendra said...

Ubuntu (or any OS for that matter) is good for some and bad for some, it depends on what they're using it for. For example, I play real-time strategy games, I can't use Linux OS because they are not supported on Linux, so all the other features it offers will not convert me to it, similarly, 95% of my office staff is issued Linux OS because all they do is write code and access office docs which work very well in linux OS and since it's cheaper it makes business sense to use it.

Ubuntu (or Mac OS)doesn't have viruses, trojans because they don't have a critical mass where creators of such things can benefit from it. (Please don't tell me you think viruses and trojans can't be made for linux/Mac)

Once Linux becomes mass market, we'll start seeing all evils that are abound in the current popular OS

Ankur said...

@Sachendra- need to separate out the personal and professional thing dude.

Linux is more safe because unless someone is insane to be logged in and working as root, any virus cannot do serious damage.

There are less virus for linux coz there is not much sense of achievement when you get break something that's free. Something a geek might do is to figure out a hole and publish the fix or study in the community to get respect.

and i agree with your first line, Good and bad is always a perspective

Shantanu Goel said...

Ubuntu, aah how I love it :)

@Sachendra: You could try running the games under wine/cedega. But yes, gaming support is still quite lacking in linux.

@sachendra/ankur: Viruses can still wipe out ur /home even if u r logged on as a normal user :)
And being a bit nitpicky, Ubuntu does not have a "root" per se. ;)