Saturday, March 22, 2008

Beer wont be same anymore

Went to flying Saucer in Raleigh today with the 6th sense team and enjoyed some lovely and different beers, the place has 150 different beers. Had double chocolate beer which has the amazing taste of dark chocolate and very dark and creamy. Then had a tapestry beer, which is made by monks of......... and some part goes for aid in third world countries, last was a fruity beer which amazing taste and smell.....

Man i hate everybody for making me taste some lovely beers.

Then Todd took me to his home and made me drink an even awesome 11 yr old red wine, met his lovely kids stella-4months, Eva-3 and mickey -11.

My taste buds are ruined now....................

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~ ॐ ~ said...

arre wah !!!

sahi hai bhai !!!