Monday, January 14, 2008

Nano and traffic

With the latest launch of nano by tata, everybody has started worrying about the traffic,, and it is outrightly stupid..Why-

  • 2 wheelers provide better average and are cheaper to maintain..So all 2 wheeler people wont shift. Those who buy premium bikes, buy for fun, not because of economy.
  • And car under 1 lack was available (though second hand) and the EMI culture made also the car with 3-3.5 lack bracket affordable..
We need to applaud the tata wonder, the engineering and cost marvel they have done. It should be a nano inspiration.


~ ॐ ~ said...

I am not in agreement with the traffic issues... there are more benefits than negatives with this !!!

Sachendra said...

I don't completely agree that it won't have any effect on the traffic, sure cars in 1 lakh segment are available in the used car market but many people don't prefer to buy used car and Nano with it's good looks, fuel efficiency and "new car feel" will suit their taste just fine.
What will get adversely affected is the used car market for 800 because the cost and looks and the "new car feel" are all on Nano's side.
So traffic will not skyrocket as predicted in media but we'll definitely see a surge.

Sachendra said...

Traffic will skyrocket however qsplb2-3 years from now when Nano starts hitting the used car market and it'll truly be available at the price of a bike