Thursday, November 15, 2007

browser browser

I have always experimented with browsers and tried many with different levels of satisfaction. Maximum have used firefox, mainly because in the very beginning it offered some cool addons, different search engines and other nifty features much before Microsoft offered them with IE7.

Latest kid on the block is Flock. Its called a social browser. It has some cool feature support for blogging, media and flickr. It is also based on mozilla like firefox and can use same addons. I am confused whether to move to it, or stick with firefox. One of the very small feature which flock misses out on are bookmark shortcuts, which i use a lot to open the frequently visited sites on Firefox. This reminds me of the dial feature in opera. Opera has awesome performance and its wand which fills passwords for u is much more convenient. just do ctrl+enter and u r done. Opera also offers a very fast mail client also bundled in it.

My IE2 and Avant are two wrappers on IE. They offer some more functionality and look above the IE. I like Avant and my bro likes MyIE2.

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~ ॐ ~ said...

I for some reason do not like IE at all...

Have been using Firefox for a pretty long time now and i love it... most of it... except the fact that you open loads of windows and it can bring windows down...

I will use Opera too sometime, i have heard good things about it..