Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT lx part-1

I just bought a New Safari 2.2 VTT this weekend, very precisely on the 17 Nov 2007. Its black color and i wud sure click and post some pics pretty soon, presently just lazy about it...One early learning i have is that with these big cars its good to go with authorized showroom electrical accessories...The local guys do a good job with Zen and wagon R but they bloody cant fit a central locking in this beast..

Anyways driving the car is sure bliss. The gearing ratios are pretty good now, so u do not need to quickly change gears, the one problem i had with 3.0 dicor. Power steering and aesthetics have also improved with this new dicor.

Delhi registration is still not available for the new safari. The Delhi RTO has not approved it yet for del registration. I therefore am registering it at Gurgaon address.

Its still very hard to digest the fact for me that i own a safari, this was a dream since long...Now i can dream more...hmmmm,........wats next??

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Friday, November 16, 2007


The Code C.R.A.P. Metric Hits the Fan - Introducing the crap4j Plug-in

at first i thought it to be a joke, but no its not. It infact makes sense. Something after a long time which makes sense, i like the idea..

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

browser browser

I have always experimented with browsers and tried many with different levels of satisfaction. Maximum have used firefox, mainly because in the very beginning it offered some cool addons, different search engines and other nifty features much before Microsoft offered them with IE7.

Latest kid on the block is Flock. Its called a social browser. It has some cool feature support for blogging, media and flickr. It is also based on mozilla like firefox and can use same addons. I am confused whether to move to it, or stick with firefox. One of the very small feature which flock misses out on are bookmark shortcuts, which i use a lot to open the frequently visited sites on Firefox. This reminds me of the dial feature in opera. Opera has awesome performance and its wand which fills passwords for u is much more convenient. just do ctrl+enter and u r done. Opera also offers a very fast mail client also bundled in it.

My IE2 and Avant are two wrappers on IE. They offer some more functionality and look above the IE. I like Avant and my bro likes MyIE2.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

I M missing mountains

It has really been a long time since i went anywhere in the mountains,,,been v long indeeed. I m missing that clean air, the fresh breeze, the turning roads.. I need to plan something,,,something soon.. Maybe something after the initial servicing of the safari..But it wud need a rear camera if i decide to take it to mountains,,,lets c..Abhi to sab khayali pulao hain..

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Friday, November 09, 2007

5 weird things about newborns - CNN.com

5 weird things about newborns - CNN.com

I remember the time when Neitya was born and whatever we may feel is a problem, is normal. So, baby waking up all the time is normal, baby crying for nothing is normal, black patches on baby is normal, its kind of funny.. I remember a doc saying that big belly button might be hernia, but another doc saying thats normal and we need to wait and see..

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

prayer verse

Today in temple heard the following verse being recited -

Kuputro jaayate kadapi kumata na bhavate

This means --There can be born a bad son, but there can never be a bad mother.

This got me thinking---
--How can some people be insensitive to their parents?
--Even in todays times, can there never be a bad mother? Probably yes, no mentally sane mother can think or do anything bad for her sons/daughters.

Today after a v long time i missed being fluent in sanskrit. when the beautiful prayer recital was going in the temple..