Thursday, February 01, 2007

It happens only in India

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This is an image of India, Tika from Temple and the traditional Muslim cap on the way to Ajmer Dargah. I bought these caps and it was fun wearing them and going there. really felt great. If it were not for the nagging beggars at the Dargah the experience would have been much much awesome.

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Arathee said...

Hi Ankur,

It is really interesting to know that there is a place in India where such things are accepted. There is another place in Shirdi near Pune where people from all religion can go and worship.

Ankur said...

@arathee- there are many such religious places in india, however i was trying to highlight the ease by which the mix occors. The religious intolerance in india is most highlighted, however i believe the religious tolerance here is much more and centuries old.