Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The reasons for traffic mess in delhi

Delhi has become a parking and traffic mess thanks to the mixed use policy implemented in Delhi as per master plan 2021. The idea was good but because of poor implementation and rampant corruption, it ended up making delhi a mess...


Mixed Use:
● To meet the growing demand of commercial activities and overcome the shortfall
of available commercial space, a liberalized provision of Mixed Use in residential
areas has been adopted adhering to the requisites of the environment, while
achieving better synergy between workplace, residence and transportation.
● 2183 streets have been notified by the GNCTD vide notification dated 15.09.06 for
local commercial and mixed-use activities.
● Small shops of daily needs have been permitted on ground floor, in residential areas.


1. All kinds of shops have been opened in the garb of mixed use.
2. MCD collected parking charges from the new shops, but provided no extra infrastructure for the same.

While only small shops of certain category were to be opened, all types of shops and and of all sizes have come up. refer -

15.6.3 1[Small shops of maximum 20 sqm area each, restricted to maximum permissible
number of DUs in the plot or four numbers, whichever is less, trading in or dealing
with the following specified 24 items / activities are allowed on ground floor only
in residental plot, excluding A & B category of colonies. However, small shops of
maximum 20 sqm area each, restricted to maximum permissible number of dwelling
units in the plot or four in number, whichever is less, trading in or dealing with
specified items / activities existing as on 7.2.2007 may continue on ground floor only
in a residential plot in A & B category of colonies but in future only one small shop
of 20 sqm area shall be allowed on ground floor in a residential plot in A & B
category of colonies.]
i) Vegetables / fruits / flowers
ii) Bakery items / Confectionary items;
iii) Kirana / General store;
iv) Dairy product;
v) Stationery / Books / Gifts / Book binding;
vi) Photostat / Fax / STD / PCO;
vii) Cyber café / Call phone booths;
viii) LPG booking office / Showroom without LPG cylinders;
ix) Atta Chakki;
x) Meat / Poultry and Fish shop;
xi) Pan shop;
xii) Barber shop / Hair dressing saloon / Beauty parlour;
xiii) Laundry / Dry cleaning / ironing;
xiv) Sweet shop / Tea stall without sitting arrangement;
xv) Chemist shop / Clinic / Dispensary / Pathology lab;
xvi) Optical shop;
1. Modified vide S.O. 2034(E) dated 12-08-2008
xvii) Tailoring shop;
xviii) Electrical / Electronic repair shop; and
xix) Photo studio;
xx) Cable TV / DTH Operation;
xxi) Hosiery / Readymade Garments / Cloth shop;
xxii) ATM
xxiii) Cycle Repair Shop
xxiv) Ration shop & Kerosene Shop under PDS.


To make the condition worse, the police is happy to take some money from these shops and ignore those parking on the roads in front of these shops.