Friday, July 19, 2013

I love tata nano for city

I love tata nano for its practicality in design for the city driving. I have been recommending it to many people and here are the pros and cons -


  1. I have driven it till 100 Km/hr comfortably.
  2. The turning radius is amazing. Almost like a motor bike. So makes it very easy to manoeuvre in city jams and sharp turns.
  3. Decent pickup for 2 people and a small car.
  4. Enough room in front passenger seat to sit comfortably cross legged.
  5. Good A/C when there are two or 1 people are sitting.
  6. Cheap maintenance - All parts are cheap.
  7. Excellent ground clearance - Goes excellently over bad roads and big speed breakers, without scraping bottom.

  1. Noise - The cabin is noisy with the rear mounted engine.
  2. Brakes - Having all drum brakes, make the braking a little sluggish.
  3. A/C -in 40+ temperature and with 2+ people it becomes completely ineffective.
  4. No left rear view mirror - Added in recent model.
  5. Bad average - I get an average of barely 14, even on my best driving. But this has probably improved with the latest models

The flower thieves

I have seen many people plucking flowers from the other peoples garden or from public gardens. On confronting these people, the general answer is that they are plucking the flowers for God/Puja.

  1. Does god want us to pluck flowers?
  2. Does god teach us to steal flowers from public or other peoples gardens?
How religion has made people twisted and dumb, this is a classic example of that. How people are lazy and looking for short cuts even in prayers, is totally appalling.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Does god need gold?

There are numerous examples to people donating huge amounts to temples and they do the following -

  1. Display the temple wealth - gold dome, other things
  2. Eat it up - The pandas/priests running the place eat up all the money and the worship place continues a mess.
  3. Display+charity - Little charity, some construction and that's about it.
Why do people donate-
  1. Can one actually bribe god?
  2. Do we consider ourselves that great to give god donation?
  3. Create a better worshiping area. Spread the gods message and word.
  4. Have the temple authorities use the money for common good.
What should we do if we want to do charity - 
  1. Feed the poor/needy.
  2. Cloth the poor/needy.
  3. Educate the poor/needy.
  4. Give medicines to poor/needy.
What happens if we do the right charity -
  1. Avoid corruption in religious places.
  2. The overall frustration and pains in the society goes down.
My thoughts and open to debate and expand..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ownership for a disaster

In today's world it is hard to find somebody taking ownership when things go wrong, however there is no shortage of people to take ownership when something goes very well. People do not even shy away from claiming success for someone else's hardwork. Such shamelessness is considered as being smart now a days. With public memory being short combined with the people who do not want to trouble their brains, such people can now a days can easily get away.

Its easy to find people blaming everyone except themselves for something that went wrong. Till the time we have a clear ownership, we cannot improve and progress. People have the unique ability to justify anything (atleast to themselves)

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Sides of a table

I have seen very few people who can logically think for both sides of the table.. Most people when they have power are more inclined to display/show/use the superiority than thinking about the person at the other end of the table.

However, history and time have shown that tables do turn, nothing is constant. Those who did not think about others when in power, do not have anybody besides them when they loose it. Such people can be found more often cursing how the entire world has become selfish and is acting against them.

An example of tables turning which i find funny is that the Britishers introduced Tea to India, and then an indian company -TATA ends up buying Tetley. This is in addition to Jaguar and Corus..