Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When to act??

There are two distinct theories which discuss when to act on a problem -

  1. Stitch in time saves nine - Act as soon as you see an issue, else it grows further and cause more problems later.
  2. Ripen the fruit before eating - wait till the issue evolves, Once a problem is evolved and becomes prominent, then dealing with it becomes easier and quicker. The decision to act or not is already out of the question, so it becomes easier to tackle with little opposition.
Approach 2 is definitely a safer approach, but it takes more time and might takes up more resources.However for those whom resource conservation is less important than risk, this approach is advised. This approach is also safer as sometimes the problem gets resolved in its own way and you may not be required to do anything.

Approach 2 is also something that rings more in the Indian way of things - Jo bhi ho raha hai acche ki liye ho raha hai, (There might be an unknown good in whatever is happening.)

Approach 1 is more proactive and something that helps to accelerate the things. It needs good advisers and discussion, to correctly mitigate a problem, and requires lot of  control and authority with the decision maker. Needless to say it needs loads of guts and conviction in your thoughts and approach.

Which is your approach?

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