Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hot-case or Nut-case

Here is the problem statements -

  1. Employees want something in office to heat food.
  2. 300 Employees approx. (not all being food from home)
  3. Existing microwave becomes faulty.
    1. Probable cause is people keeping foil and steel utensils.
Install a hot case. Benefits -
  1. Cheap
  2. Less fault prone - People can use foil/steel utensils.
  3. More space
  4. Less electricity consumption.
A perfect solution, only problem is that the Hot-case is just not used. This is what happens when the focus is on the problem and not on meeting the objective.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dilemma of a conflict

There are two sides to a conflict -

  1. It's  hard to get anything without a fight - Baby gets the milk when he cries. In a way it is also the best way (not getting into the medical science of it)
  2. The conflict leads to nowhere, people build higher and higher walls, or the negativity begets more negativity,
To speak up or to shut up is a decision that has perplexed me many a times over the years. Most of my well wishers have always advised me to shut up than speak up. Most of "non well wishers" have used my words to attack my character than the thought. There are very few people who can have a meaningful and objective discussion while holding conflicting views.

Conflicts many a times help in churning, which is sometimes needed to separate the butter and water from the cream. However if you want a to have fruit cream, it does not make sense to churn. Life is never about right/wrong, Black/white, but a lot in between. The many shades of grey between black and white.

I again remember this story by swami Vivekananda . Last blogged about this story in 2007, when i read it for first time. Wish more people read and try to understand the message