Friday, February 17, 2012

Samsung wave GT-S5253 review

I bought this phone about a week back from flipkart. Delivery was excellent. With this phone noticed a few issues - 

  1. I am unable to connect the audio output to car aux. Either the sound does not come in the speaker, or the phone goes into mute on its own.
  2. The default email application is useless. Downloads on internal memory only. And if you  read an email and delete it it fetches the same the next time.
  3. The GPS is only useful with the default google maps widget, and that itself is rickety. There is too much error in your location, and also GPS does not connect many a times. I bought a ZTE blade with android also recently, and it works much better.
  4. The camera clicks well only in day and for things which are close. So not that great.
  5. Apps are very limited for bada.
  6. I want the predictive typing as default, but did not find the option.
  7. The defaults widget and synchronization with facebook accounts etc is rickety.
  8. The PC application - KIEs does not have the facility to manage SMS.
  9. Google latitude does not work on this phone.
Some good things
  1. Sound is good. speaker is good.
  2. Display is good.
My suggestion is to spend probably 1.5 more and buy samsung Y. Or spend 1.5k less and go for cheaper nokia X2.