Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Credit score

I decided to get my credit report from CIBIL to see my details and the score. I was expecting it to be very good, but was surprised on getting it. There was lot of old information with CIBIL. lot of contact information was incorrect, the problem, when the agents just make you fill the form and fill your form with wrong spellings. I will try and get it corrected so that in future when i try to get some credit i do not face a problem.

American Express bank reported a delayed payment when there was none, now have raised a dispute for that. We need to have a system where the banks are penalized for giving wrong information to CIBIL.

Also now need to think if i should close some of the credit cards which i do not use, it should improve the credit score. 


~ ॐ ~ said...

So you get a pdf or something from this?

Ankur said...

Yes they ask some questions online, if you answer correctly they email u the PDF. Else they send printout at your address.