Saturday, July 23, 2011

Safari Vs Scorpio

This question still comes up to me many times. Now with almost 4 yrs of safari ownership, i wanted to pen down the response.

I loved the refinement in engine in  Scorpio when i first took a test drive. Also Mahindra has a good reputation with jeep/diesel engines. What however made me buy a safari were 2 major points -

1. Safari base version was about 1 lac cheaper and more loaded.
2. Safari seating comfort and middle row are much better than Scorpio.

Safari has its issues with engine stuff and occasional undiagnosed engine behavior and weird noises. However when i bought they were offering 4 yrs extended warranty, which assured me that i would not be bearing high costs of maintenance. However now that warranty is expiring and i am a little worried. To give credit, safari has not given me much troubles in last 1-2 yrs. The initial time was a little bad, probably as they had launched the 2.2 VTT engine only then, and did not know of the issues. But now this engine is almost 4+ yrs old, and lot more improved in terms of components.'

My ownership review and experience till now can be read at Team-BHP.

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