Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Theory X and theory Y

Theory X and theory Y - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I still find many companies and people still rooted in theory X. I am a strong believer in theory Y. I have seen people work exceptionally well and teams deliver some great work. However there are some people who are exceptions, and they need to be weeded out instead of managers or management to move to theory X.

Theory X does not look democratic to me and does not look suitable for the knowledge industry. You cannot force people to do mind work force-ably or with fear. Force or fear may sometimes be the negative motivators that may have to be used, but it should be the last resort.

What do other feel?

Monday, June 13, 2011

E post office

e Post Office

I used epost office now 2 times to buy stamps to add my philately collection. The service has been prompt. The only disappointment has been that the range is very less. Loads of stamps are published, but only very few are there to buy. Also no first day covers and other collectibles are available.

Like all government initiatives, it looks like started with good intent, however it will not carry long. Or it wont ever reach the exact zenith that is should and could reach. I tried emailing to the 2 email id's that i could find on the site, however both of them bounced back.

However still i hope that this initiative does not die off and i can continue adding new stamps to my collection. I was able to buy some really nice stamps from the site.