Sunday, March 13, 2011

The doom loop

I read about the doom loop in Good to great by Jim collins.

Found the doom loop to be very true. Organizations changing CEO often, new people trying for quick gains, and in the end the price is paid in weaker results and no momentum. The company becomes weaker and weaker with time. Something for all of us to think and prevent,

Seeing doom loop i understand why some projects/companies just fail to take off even when all is right. Its funny how the basic are ignored...

Appraisal discussion

I have seen managers shying away from appraisal discussion, and the every employee looking at the whole process as an unnecessary evil and suffering. Something that you have to do as your HR/manager has asked you to.

In my experience I have given people, good, average and even bad rating, and never had an ugly discussion. The average and bad rating have to be given in a way where people understand, what they lacked clearly, and what they need to do to achieve better ratings. Appraisal discussion are hard on those managers that do not share the good and bad the whole year, but share the wisdom only at the appraisal time.

Appraisal discussion is very important for development of people and the organization. I just hope that managers are better trained to do it, and understand the importance of it.